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Stone Design Consulting

Stone Countertop Design Consulting

In-Depth Knowledge

Design projects like kitchens and bathrooms are complicated. There are numerous aesthetic and functional elements to balance, and mistakes can be costly. A simple miscommunication can cost thousands of dollars and delay a project by days, even weeks. With every job, your reputation is on the line, so when you’re considering granite, marble, or other stone countertops, do what you can to ensure success: bring in a knowledgeable consultant early in the process.

At Granite and Marble Designs, our core consultants have a combined total of over 100 years in the stone fabrication and installation business. We have the in-depth knowledge you need to find the perfect stone design for every countertop and stone application. Do you need a quick second opinion? Or are you looking for a partner to follow the project through to completion and to your client’s satisfaction? In these and many other situations, we’ve worked on projects like yours. We are ready to start work on day one, so your project doesn’t have to miss a beat – you can stay on time and on budget.

Why Work with a Stone Design Consultant

If you are considering – or the client has requested – stone countertops, backsplashes, paneling, or other design elements, you should work with a stone design consultant. A stone design consultant can help you:

  • Understand the functional strengths and weaknesses of natural and engineered stone
  • Appreciate the range of design options available
  • Integrate stone elements with other design elements
  • Save time
  • Save money

All this can make it easier to turn your vision – and your client’s vision – into reality.

Every Stone Has Strengths

Every stone has its particular strengths and weaknesses. Understanding the hardness, toughness, porosity, and other characteristics of a stone is necessary to ensure you’re picking the right stone for the right application.

Our stone countertop experts at Granite and Marble Designs have worked with dozens of stones and stone-like substances. Cutting, shaping, polishing, and installing stone countertops – and seeing how they hold up over decades of use – have taught us the best stones for each situation. Our team can help you select the right stone for your application.

Nature’s Infinite Variety

When you’re designing a kitchen, bathroom, or other space, you have a picture in your mind’s eye. You see the perfect pattern, the perfect polish, the perfect light, and the perfect luster.

If there is a stone that can match that image in your mind’s eye, the odds are good that our stone design consultants have seen it in person. Decades of working with stone have taught us not only the variations between the major types of stone, but how much variety you might achieve within a single stone type. Our team will help you track down just the right stone to complete your vision.

Seamless Integration

Understanding the functional and aesthetic aspects of stone are critical to being able to integrate it into your overall design. If you don’t understand the potential variety of natural stone, for example, you may be designing for something other than what you will actually get.

Understanding the potential for shaping and polishing stone can also help you design the proper shape for counters and select the best lights for every stone surface.

We also work proactively to head off potential problems before they arise. Doing this early in the design stage helps you avoid even more serious complications during the installation phase.

Deliver Projects on Time and on Budget

Completing a project on time and on budget is a bit of a lost art these days, but our craftsmen come from a time when it was a top priority. They can help you keep your project delivery on track, while delivering results at or below the quoted cost.

Having someone with stone expertise going into the project can save you a lot of time. You don’t have to research information about stone surfaces – which can be considerable. Nor do you have to limit yourself to just a few stones that you know how to use.

A stone design consultant knows the timetable for delivering stone countertops and other surfaces, and knows when in the project pipeline these need to be handled. That makes sure the project proceeds smoothly, with no-one waiting on the delivery of the stone and no need to find a place to store a bulky countertop safely if it’s delivered early.

Avoiding costly mistakes and keeping the project on time will help your project to stay on budget. They help you look good to your client, and that will help you win more jobs in the future.

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Why Make Granite and Marble Design Your Stone Design Consultant

Granite and Marble Designs is a leading installer of stone and ceramic countertops in the Front Range. Our experience is not measured in just the 100 years of combined experience we have in the industry, but in the hundreds of granite, marble, and other stone countertops we have installed.

The quality of our work has attracted considerable attention. We were invited to work on remodel products at the Hyatt Regency and the Grand Hyatt Denver. In addition, we have worked with designers on homes featured in the Parade of Homes. Our work helped secure multiple “Best Kitchen” awards at these shows.

But it’s not just our product that sets us apart. We utilize our unique StoneDoneRight™ Approach that helps ensure each project meets or exceeds our clients’ – and their clients’ – expectations. We start by listening to understand where people are starting in their knowledge of stone countertops. We also take time to understand what each person sees as the goal of the project.

Then we apply our materials expertise and craftsmanship knowledge to offer helpful suggestions early to elevate the end results of each collaboration. When it’s time for us to deliver our part of the project, we execute precisely as promised to ensure the results are exactly what everyone agreed on. Our professionalism helps ensure an over-the-top experience for other contractors, designers, and homeowners.

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Ensure the Success of Your Next Project

Want to learn how Granite and Marble Designs can help ensure the success of your next project along the Front Range? Please call 303-551-6000 or use our online contact form today to request a consultation.

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