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Featured In Stock Stone Slabs

This is a small collection of some of the slabs that we have on-site. However, we are able to get any stone products from any of our stone supplier partners listed below who do not sell directly to consumers. Feel free to browse their websites and contact us for your upcoming project.

Our Suppliers

Our suppliers welcome you to view their inventory online or on location. To get started whether you are looking for slabs or tile, check out the following websites:

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Our Stone Inventory

granite fabrication for kitchen countertops

Granite and Marble Designs keeps a variety of popular stone slabs in stock for you to choose from. Keep in mind that each and every slab varies from one another as the stone formation and production processes are unique. We strongly encourage you to pick out a slab that fits your preferences and analyze its coloring, veining, speckle, patterning and unique characteristics.

Once our client has a solid understanding of the stone material or color scheme for their stone design project, we invite them to pick their slab by hand. We encourage our clients to personally pick their exact slab of stone they would like because each one is uniquely different. This gives our clients even more involvement and customization. For this reason, we have a warehouse stocked with dozens of slabs for each stone material. We would love to show you around our warehouse or up-and-coming showroom, today. Contact us to schedule your walk through our warehouse and stone design consultation.


We provide small samples of each stone type, however keep in mind this is not the full slab. Seeing a part of the slab does not give you the full picture while one corner can be different from the next. Our collection of samples are meant to give you an idea of each stone material and color profile. It can be assumed that a particular type of granite, marble or quartz slab will be similar to one another but never exactly the same.

Please browse our online sample selection for each of our stone materials – Granite, Marble, Quartz or Engineered stone, Quartzite, Porcelain, Limestone, Travertine, Soapstone, Onyx, and Semiprecious.