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Granite Slabs for Countertops

Granite Countertops - Denver, CO

Granite is Ideal for High-Traffic Areas

Granite is an igneous rock and one of the hardest commercially available stone materials and ideal for high-traffic areas. Granite is one of the heaviest and most durable stones with a variety of color choices and patterns to choose from.

Granite Practicality and Functionality

Granite is perfect in every room, including your kitchen and bathrooms!  It is the perfect choice to act as any surface from custom countertops and wet bars to wall surrounds and flooring slabs. We provide a large inventory of choices to fit your color scheme.

In general, Granite typically has more dense grains than veining, although numerous variations of these are seen depending on the slab. It is a natural stone and earth made composed of different minerals that give unique and one-of-a-kind characteristics. Because it is heavy, we recommend strong and sturdy cabinets to support it for years and years to come. Granite can mostly withstand heat, staining, scratches, etching and cracks compared to other stones. Granite tolerates cold and is highly heat resistant to pans and hot hair tools – making it ideal to incorporate in your kitchen design or for bathroom countertops. It is a versatile and practical surface for any type of stone application.

How to Maintain Granite

Granite can be restored through refinishes and can last a lifetime when properly taken care of. Granite, unlike Porcelain or Quartz, is porous. Meaning it can become more prone to chemicals and should be sealed correctly as well as maintained through granite-intended cleaning products.

Please read our Care and Maintenance page to understand the best ways to keep your granite as beautiful as the day it was installed!

Care & Maintenance

Granite and Marble Designs –Granite Countertops and Slabs

Granite is our niche. It is one of the original stone materials that we have been offering since the start of our business. We know the restraints of this stone during fabrication when creating its edge profile and will give your slab a textured finish of your choosing – honed, leathered, caressed or polished. Our stone consultants are experts in granite application design and our installers handle granite regularly.

Our resources include samples of slabs and answers to frequently asked questions. We believe it is important to give our clients the information and tools they need to make the best decision and pick the stone that fits their needs. Through our techniques, craftmanship and years of experience, we know we can achieve your vision. Granite and Marble Designs would love to be a part of your next granite project!

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Granite FAQs

Can I cut on my granite?

We do not recommend cutting on this surface because of its hardness, it can easily dull blades

Can I put hot pots and pans on my granite?

YES – Granite can withstand heat but please be aware that the sealant and seams can be susceptible to extreme heat levels

Can granite chip?

If a heavy object hits against the granite, especially it’s edge, like any stone, it is possible that it can chip

Does granite scratch easily?

NO – Granite is the most durable work surface available today. The only things that will scratch granite are diamonds, carbide, or another piece off granite

Can granite be repaired?

Small chips in the granite can be repaired. It is always advisable to save a piece of chipped stone, if possible, to help with the repair process

How heavy is granite?

The density of the stone will vary from color to color. On average, 3 centimeter thick granite weighs between 16-22 lbs. per square foot

How do you clean granite?

Granite can be cleaned daily with a soft cloth, mild soap and warm water. Do not use harsh chemical cleaners with chemicals like ammonia and bleach. It will break down the sealer and leave the stone unprotected. We recommend using GranQuartz Stone Care Systems cleaner to protect your granite

How do you seam granite?

Seams are done using a two-part epoxy resin with color pigments. The color of the pigment is matched as closely as possible but, a 100% match is not possible. The joint compound is non porous and will not stain

What’s the difference between Granite and Quartz?

Granite is a natural stone, while Quartz is an engineered stone that is man-made. Granite will come in many unique colors and patters that are completely random. Overall, Granite and Quartz are both extremely durable but Granite is porous unlike Quartz, and can withstand heat

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Other Stone Options

We have other stone options you may want to consider besides Granite. Be sure to browse our Marble, Quartz, Quartzite, Soapstone and Limestone, as well.

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