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Marble Countertop Design

Marble Countertop Design, Fabrication, and Installation - Denver, Colorado

Beautiful and Timeless

Marble has made a name for itself. It is a beautiful and timeless stone that emits luxury and goes well with any design or space. Aside from its unquestionable beauty, it is resilient and stands to compete with other stones.

Marble is a strong stone with a softer enamel. It should be properly cared for and maintained through stone intended cleaning products to avoid residue as well as regular sealings. Marble is more delicate in comparison to granite, in that it is susceptible to staining and etching. In the design phase for marble, it should be taken into consideration whether you are willing to take appropriate precautions to avoid staining or etching. It is also a porous stone that does not repel liquids and bacteria so, it’s important to clean the stone properly. This will help you to decide where the best place is for the application of your marble. Marble is most suitable for lower-traffic areas such as bathroom countertops or vanities, fireplace surrounds, accent décor, and especially for backlit inlays.


Even the fabricated texture of your marble can contribute to the overall design and final result. You can choose from our finishes that include polished, leathered or honed. We recommend that our clients choose a honed finish for their marble in higher-trafficked areas like bathrooms or kitchens.


Our designers can help you decide on an edging for your marble that fits your style. Edging especially contributes to your overall design by giving a modern, contemporary, or more traditional feel. View our edge profile page to see the many options we offer.


Marble, being a more prestigious stone, comes with a well-earned price. Our team of stone design consultants can help you find a marble within your stone design budget while fulfilling your envision. We aim to help our clients to better understand the strengths and weaknesses of marble, and how it functions in a particular space.

Strengths Marble Design 

Marble is an up and coming stone that is becoming more common, especially in residential projects. Many of our clients have found marble to fit their upscale and timeless décor style. Various marble slabs give off a luminescence that glistens when light reflects off of it. Even though we often think of marble as having white or neutral tones, it actually comes in many beautiful, bold colors including green, blue or black. The options are practically limitless and every marble slab is different from one another. Veining is common among marble, giving unique patterns and coloring. We are seeing marble become a more popular stone of choice and is more often being used in kitchen design and for bathroom countertops than ever before – regardless of the required maintenance.

Why Make Granite and Marble Designs Your Marble Design Consultant

Granite and Marble Designs’ stone design consultants are experienced with marble and how it functions. Marble is a more delicate stone that is technique sensitive. Some edging options for applications such as marble countertops may cause chipping, but our team and high-end CNC machinery can accomplish what you’re looking for. Granite and Marble Designs handles marble with care and precision given its intricate fabrication and installation processes.

Ideas and Expertise

Our team can help offer ideas and expertise on how marble is best kept in spaces such as kitchens or frequented areas. Our consultants will work with you to create a cohesive and marble centric design that works for your space or intended use – and deliver it beyond expectations.

To learn more about marble Design, please call 303-551-6000 or use our online contact form today to request a marble design consultation.

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