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Marble Slabs for Countertops

Marble Countertops - Denver, Colorado

Unique Color Palettes

Marble is a metamorphic rock made of calcite; a soft and fragile-like mineral. Marble is a stone that is often easily identifiable given its unique veining and color palettes.

Marble Practicality and Functionality

Marble is a pristine stone that brings an element of luxury and simple elegance. Marble has a natural luminescence that brightens the room. Marble is typically white, yellowish, neutral or even colorless with gray and neutral random veining throughout that instills an aura of elegance to any room. It can however come in bold colors such as green or blue. It’s naturalness makes it unique to every installation as no two marble slabs are alike.

Typically used in bathrooms, marble is a softer stone that can be scratched easily and is more susceptible to common, mild acids. These common acids, including citrus juices, can etch and “patina” the polished surface of marble over time, since marble is porous. Consumers should be aware of these inherent properties before selecting it for high traffic areas such as kitchens or bar areas. Marble is the perfect choice for upscaling your bathroom as it is suitable for wet areas, so tub surrounds and showers are common applications for marble. This stone is also highly heat resistant so it can even be perfect for fireplace surrounds. However, depending on your willingness to accept these flaws and maintain the beauty of the stone through refinishes and maintenance, marble can certainly be an option for any room. If you wish to add an extra element of awe in your marble design, we often suggest this stone for backlit application due to its natural luminescence. Many of our customers have found themselves unapologetically pleased with their kitchen marble custom countertops.

How to Maintain Marble

It is less resistant to staining, etching and scratching than other stones making it less practical for your kitchen. Marble requires more maintenance that other stones and needs to be properly cared for. Marble can be cleaned using extremely mild cleaner or warm soap water. We recommend using products specifically intended for marbles and stones.

To learn more about standard upkeep and care for your marble, please see our Care and Maintenance page.

Care & Maintenance

Granite and Marble Designs – Marble

With marble being a soft stone, we can create any edge profile to bring the extra element you’re looking for. Choose from our textured finishes such as honed or polished. Some marbles are more sugary than others, so the fabrication process to obtain a specific edge profile can be delicate. We do not suggest a mitered edge for softer marbles because they could crumble while being cut. However, our CNC machinery and state-of-the-art equipment allow us to perfect most other edge profiles.

Our team has done hundreds of marble applications with the knowledge to design, install and fabricate your marble project. We also offer resources such as online in-stock slabs to our clients for more insights and free online quotes before making their stone purchase. Granite and Marble Designs would love to custom create your next marble design – from scratch to finish. With marble, we guarantee that you will be pleased with its timeless and natural beauty.

Dolomite marble is a marble made with magnesium. This option is slightly more durable than the calcite marble and a brilliant option to consider.

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Marble FAQs

Can Marble stain?

YES – Marble can stain. Be cautious with foods and spilling such as pasta sauce, wine or acidic fruits

Is Marble non porous?

NO – Marble is porous meaning its surface has pores that can absorb liquids or bacteria. Its important to clean and seal your Marble as needed

How is Marble maintained?

Marble should be cleaned with warm soap and water or stone cleaner

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Ask about our marble-style quartz when you inquire for a quote.

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Other Stone Options

If you wish to forgo marble as an option, we have many other options such as Granite, Quartz, Quartzite, Travertine, or Porcelain.

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