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StoneDoneRight™ Approach

Bring Your Vision to Life

At Granite and Marble Designs, we deliver quality stone craftmanship that will bring your vision to life. We’re committed to making sure you receive exceptional work each and every time. This dedication to our craft has inspired our exclusive StoneDoneRight™ Approach. In fact, we’re the only custom stone craftsman in the Rocky Mountain Region who provides this exclusive StoneDoneRight™ Approach, which ensures you receive a great experience every time you work with us.

Our team works with a variety of clients, including:

  • Contractors
  • Custom homebuilders
  • Designers
  • Homeowners
  • Commercial builders

We’ve constructed our StoneDoneRight™ Approach in a way that ensures all of our clients will benefit from this unique methodology and our fine stone craftsmanship.

StoneDoneRight™ for Custom Homebuilders

We work with high end custom homebuilders all the time, and our team understands exactly what you want from a stone provider. With years of extensive experience, we’ve seen firsthand what typically gets missed in a stone project – whether it is related to the engineering, architecture or design aspect of the job – and we can fill in all the gaps to make your project run smoother and better.

Our team takes a proactive approach with your project, owning every aspect of the job from initial planning through completion. This attention to detail will make you look good and ensure your clients’ expectations are exceeded every time.

StoneDoneRight™ for Kitchen and Bath Designers

We regularly work with designers, helping them bring their stone art vision to life. We understand exactly what designers need from a dedicated stone craftsman partner, and we take proactive ownership of the process to ensure it goes smoothly from start to finish. This includes:

  • Providing a wide range of materials samples to ensure you have the right options to show your client
  • Creating displays to show your work
  • Providing educational press kits, including the latest materials, trends and innovations, to ensure you can arm your clients with the knowledge they need
  • Our Quick Quote System – receive accurate quotes in 24 hours or less

StoneDoneRight™ for Homeowners

We often work directly with homeowners who prefer to have greater control over the design process. We understand the additional support necessary to do an excellent job for a homeowner, and we deliver every time. When you work with Granite and Marble Designs, you can be confident that we’re going to take care of everything. Our process includes a collaborative layout planning which ensures you get the specific look you desire.

Our team provides an exceptional experience from start to finish to create a great project outcome that you will love every day. We accomplish this by:

  • Discussing material options with you in detail
  • Educating you about the process to ensure you have realistic expectations for the outcome of the project
  • Providing complete services that address every stage of the process – design, fabrication, demolition, and installation
  • Communicating honestly and promptly every step of the way

StoneDoneRight™ for Commercial Builders

We work with commercial builders all the time, and we understand the differences in scale between a commercial project and a custom project for a residential home. Our team will set you up for success every step of the way and make you look good to your clients.

Our team of expert stone craftsmen will take ownership of the entire process – design, architecture and engineering – to ensure your client receives exactly what they are looking for. We’ll make sure nothing gets overlooked so that you experience a smoother project from start to finish.

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