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Onyx & Semiprecious


It takes thousands of years for Onyx to form. Onyx is a sedimentary rock, formed as stalactites and stalagmites in cave interiors. These characteristics give this stone a translucent crystalline structure that can be backlit for a dramatic focal point. Onyx is often confused with marble, but is a distinct rock type and actually transparent!

Onyx Practicality and Functionality

Onyx is extremely rare and with that, comes a price. It is a high maintenance stone, but more importantly, it lasts when cared for properly. Like marble, it is porous and is susceptible to etching and scratching, so it is recommended for lower traffic areas and not for applications such as kitchen or bathroom countertops. Onyx is a fragile stone material that often comes in smaller slabs, but making it easier to handle when compared to other stone types. Being that it is more lightweight, it’s a great option to consider for inlays or vertical applications.

How to Maintain Onyx

Onyx should be carefully maintained due to its frailty. It should be sealed and refinished routinely as any blemishes or chippings are not easily fixed. We educate our clients on the importance of protecting their onyx and taking extra measures when cleaning. Onyx should be cleaned with warm soap water or a special stone cleaner and a soft cloth. It is porous, so any liquids should be removed promptly. Apply the water or stone cleaner to the cloth directly, to avoid spraying your onyx surface.

For more care and maintenance tips and procedure, please see our Care and Maintenance page.

Care & Maintenance

Granite and Marble Designs – Onyx

This is a fun and unique stone to incorporate in your project and truly create a one-of-a kind design. Onyx is a perfect stone of choice for bars, adding an artistic element that will catch anyone’s attention. Granite and Marble Designs knows how complicated onyx can be to fabricate and install, so we take careful measures when handling this stone material. We have textured finishes and develop an edge profile to match your overall design. With us, you can trust that your onyx will be flawless.

Granite and Marble Designs offers resources so that you can be best prepared for your onyx application. These resources include maintenance and warranty information and online inventory for our in-stock slabs. Request a free quote here and let us get started on your next Onyx project.

View our Inspirations Gallery to see some of our onyx projects.

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Onyx FAQs

What types applications is Onyx best used for?

Onyx is perfect for vertical applications or inlays. It is also a unique stone to add to focal areas such as bars and backlit surfaces

Where should Onyx not be used?

Onyx should be avoided in high-trafficked areas such as kitchens or bathrooms

Is Onyx fragile?

Onyx is very delicate and when handled properly, it lasts a lifetime. It can be refinished and resealed and will likely not need ever be replaced

How should Onyx be cleaned?

Onyx should be cleaned by applying warm soap water or stone cleaner to a soft cloth directly, rather than to your Onyx surface

Can Onyx be backlit?

YES – some onyx is actually transparent, so it is ideal for backlit applications.


Semiprecious is a beautiful and elegant stone that is made by bounding gemstones with resin to create unique slabs used in residential and commercial projects. Gemstones such as amethyst, tiger eye, agate and lapis lazuli are hand-selected and molded together to create a refined surface that is one-of-a-kind.

Semiprecious Practicality and Functionality

Its resilience contradicts its name. Precious yet mighty – this stone can be used in high or low traffic areas. Semiprecious stone slabs can be used for an array of applications. This stone can be used for kitchen and bathroom countertops and makes for a stunning backsplash, inlay, accent walls or flooring. It is the perfect stone for any backlit application, especially bar tops or siding. This surface is generally heat, stain and scratch resistant making for a versatile material.

The rarity of each slab exudes elegance and luxury. It immediately catches the eye with gleaming flecks of crystals and luminescence. Semiprecious, being hand-made, can come in all sorts of colors and can be very bold. This stone is completely exotic and priced to reflect its uniqueness. You will never be disappointed with a semiprecious-centric design that is unparalleled to everyone else’s.

How to Maintain Semiprecious Stone

Semiprecious is mostly resilient but can be susceptible to etching if harsh liquids are not promptly wiped from the surface. It is generally low-maintenance requiring just warm soap and water to clean or mild stone cleaner. Sealing your semiprecious periodically will help resist bacteria and prevent staining from spills. Granite and Marble Designs has the skills and techniques to make reparations to your semiprecious stone at an extent, aiming to restore it to its pristine condition. Our Maintenance and Warranty page offers more guidance for how to preserve your stone countertops.

Care & Maintenance

Granite and Marble Designs – Semiprecious

Granite and Marble Designs have handled and worked with semiprecious stone for years having done hundreds of applications. We know how delicate this stone is, which is why we fabricate it using meticulous precision. Semiprecious is given a polished finish and we can give it an edge profile that adds to your project’s customization. Our customer focused design consultants aim to create a cohesive design that resembles your vision. During installation we take extra measures to protect your stone and safely install it. Our quality is reflected from beginning to completion and we guarantee our work through our StoneDoneRight™ Approach.

Granite and Marble Designs works with reputable suppliers who confidently offer warranties for your stone. Our resources include online inventory for in-stock slabs for easy browsing, free quotes, and design consulting to ease your stone project.

View our Inspirations Gallery to see some of our semiprecious projects.

Semiprecious FAQs

Is semiprecious stone fragile?

Don’t let its name fool you. Semiprecious stone is very resilient and its traits include heat and scratch resistance. Even though it seems delicate, it is very strong

Can Semiprecious stone be used in kitchens and bathrooms?

YES –  this makes for a beautiful countertop or vanity

Is Semiprecious heat resistant?

YES – semiprecious is heat resistant. It can be used for applications such as fireplace surrounds

Can Semiprecious be backlit?

YES! – This is often a stone used for backlit bars, inlays, countertops, accent walls and more

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