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Purpose & Core Values

Drives Everything We Do

At Granite and Marble Designs, we’re inspired by our purpose: to enrich people’s lives through creative solutions. This drives everything we do and ensures that our team brings your vision to life on every project. We’re not afraid to take on the most challenging projects, and we’ll collaborate with you to develop the right plan that will deliver the exceptional experience and outcome you deserve.

Guided by Our Core Values

Our purpose fuels a set of core values which guide our work each and every day.

We carefully vet all of our team members to ensure they align with our core values. This creates an organization that is truly committed to your success and actively works together to bring your vision to life every day.


We Care About People

We listen to understand, we spend time to help, we explain things to set fair and reasonable expectations, and we actively seek ways to bring fun and excitement to others.

Cambria Lvybridge Quartz Bar with Built-In Sink Design

We Are Craftsmen

We have passion for what we do, we continuously learn and evolve, we are creative, we do things right, we take pride in what we create and the joy this brings to others.

Absolutely Beautiful Fireplace Hearth made from Caesarstone's Raw Concrete Quartz

We Own It

We go above and beyond, we proactively plan, we are honest and take responsibility, we take care of everything, and we do everything possible to ensure great outcomes and experiences.


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