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Quartzite Countertops - Denver, Colorado


Quartzite is formed from pressurized sandstone whose grains mold together with quartz crystals – giving way to its name. This creates a crystallized and very dense, hard stone. Since it is a natural stone, it is acquired through mining and made into slabs that are used in residential and commercial applications.

Quartzite Practicality and Functionality

Quartzite is becoming a competitive stone in the market as it becomes a popular option in kitchen designs, bathroom countertops, fireplace surrounds and commercial spaces. It is scratch resistant, low maintenance, durable and very versatile. It holds up well to hot and cold temperatures and is UV resistant, so it can also be an option for outdoor applications. Quartzite can be given any of our finishes such as honed, caressed or polished. Certain quartzite materials will take better to different finishes. You can also choose from our many edge profiles to incorporate in your quartzite design. This stone has minimal limitations and is a perfect option that holds up to your everyday activities.

Besides its performance, quartzite offers luxurious beauty. The movements in the stone and the grains bring it to life as it sits imitating its formation process. Each vein and speckle draws your eye to the next in a natural sequence. It glistens when light reflects off of it from the naturally embedded crystals. Colors tend to be neutral with similarities to marble, but the patterns and characteristics are endless as each slab is uniquely one-of-a-kind.

Quartzite, like any natural stone, is porous with some types of quartzite being more porous than others. This means that the surface can absorb liquids and bacteria if not cleaned properly. Quartzite is sealed and should be sealed periodically to help fill any pores to protect it from spills or etching. This is a practical stone for any application with incredible performance.

How to Maintain Quartzite

Our team is committed to educating our clients on their stone material and how to maintain it. Depending on its function or the space for your quartzite application, it may require less maintenance, especially in low traffic areas. For kitchens, bathrooms and mud rooms, however, you should clean the surface with warm soap and water or a special stone cleaner. Some types of quartzite or quartzite applications will require sealings as part of routine upkeep to best preserve it. We offer more tips and information on our Maintenance and Warranty page.

Maintenance & Warranty

Granite and Marble Designs –Quartzite

Real, pure Quartzite can be hard to come by – which is why we use trustable suppliers. With us, you know exactly what you are getting. Quartzite is not to be confused with Quartz. Quartzite is a natural stone whereas Quartz is not. To optimize your decision making process, we offer resources such as in-stock slabs, free quotes and maintenance and warranty tips.

Since quartzite is a very hard stone material, it is extremely hard to cut on waterjet machines. For this reason, it needs to be cut slowly and cut at the correct angle to prevent it from holding water and its edges chipping. The fabrication process is very intricate but we, at Granite and Marble Designs, know exactly how to handle, design, fabricate and install quartzite.

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Quartzite FAQs

Can Quartzite be used for kitchen and bathroom countertops?

YES – quartzite is the perfect option for your countertops and high traffic area, known for its durability and hardness

Can I put hot pots and pans on my granite?

YES – quartzite stone is heat resistant, but some sealants can become distressed under excessive heat. Granite and Marble Designs uses sealants that can tolerate high heat levels

Can Quartzite be used for outdoor applications?

YES – quartzite can be used for outdoor kitchens, bars or grill surrounds. It is UV resistant and will not fade overtime from sunlight

What is the difference between Quartz and Quartzite?

There are many differences between these two stones; the formation process being one of them. Quartzite is a natural stone, made up of all natural minerals and crystals, whereas quartz is engineered stone. Unlike quartz, quartzite is porous, rare, offers unique variations as no two slabs are identical. Read more about Quartz

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