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Quartz Countertops - Denver, Colorado

Stunning Stone Choice

Quartz is an engineered stone made up of 90% natural quartz that is combined with a polymer resin to form slabs and resulting in a non porous surface. The other percentages consist of other minerals and stone byproducts.

Quartz Practicality and Functionality

Quartz, otherwise known as engineered stone, is a stunning stone choice. Quartz slabs are available in a wide variety of colors and work well in both contemporary and traditional-style settings, residential or commercial. It can be used for fireplaces or in kitchens, bars and restaurants. As well as in bathrooms for applications such as vanities, showers and tub surrounds because it is non porous. Non porous means Quartz can repel against moisture, air, other fluids and even bacteria because it is made to not have pores – one of its leading advantages.

Quartz can appear similar to almost any other stone such as granite, marble, concrete and even soapstone for a look you love and performs beyond your standards. Since this is an engineered stone, some slabs are similar to granite in appearance but are less random because the coloring and mineral makeup can be slightly manipulated in its formation process. In general, slabs are more common to come in an array of bold colors than natural stones. Quartz is a very hard and premium stone with similar features to granite, offering stain resistance and even more durability. If your looking for a stone to stand up to nearly anything, you’ve found it!

How to Maintain Quartz

Quartz does not generally require a lot of maintenance but should be kept through appropriate cleaning products. Quartz is, however, not heat proof and is vulnerable to fading in UV sunlight making it not ideal for direct sunlight or outdoor spaces.

Please review our Care and Maintenance page to understand the best ways to maintain your quartz for years to come.

Care & Maintenance

Granite and Marble Designs – Quartz

Granite and Marble Designs works with quartz regularly with years of expertise. We offer finishes like leathered or polished and fabricate many types of edge profiles for a truly customized project that fits your style and design preferences. We use state-of-the art equipment and unbeatable quality.

Our many brands of engineered stones include Caesarstone, Zodiaq, Silestone, Cambria, and Hanstone. If you are looking for a more modern, less natural stone, Quartz is the stone for you. We also have many resources including samples for in-stock slabs, free online quotes and answers to frequently asked questions. Please reach out to Granite and Marble designs to start planning your next quartz project. We have tons of choices that we can’t wait to show you.

Browse our Inspirations Gallery to see some of our quartz projects

Quartz FAQs

Is Quartz difficult to maintain?

NO – Quartz is extremely maintainable and will not require sealing. It can be refinished and is often repairable dependent on the damage

Can Quartz be used for kitchen and bathroom countertops?

YES – Quartz is non porous, stain-resistant, highly scratch resistant and extremely durable. Its low maintenance and very hygienic. Ideal for these types of spaces

Is Quartz non porous?

YES – Quartz is non porous but does not repel against harsh chemicals. For this reason, always be sure the products used on it are safe and do not have high contents of alkaline, acid, oxidizers or free radicals

What's the difference between Quartz and Quartzite?

Quartz is also considered an engineered stone; meaning it is man-made. However quartzite is a natural stone and made with quartz crystals giving it more speckle and grainy patterns. Read more about Quartzite

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Other Stone Options

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