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Granite Countertop Design

Granite Countertop Design Services - Denver, Colorado

Durability and Versatility

Granite is a popular stone that is commonly used in residential and commercial design because of its durability and versatility. It is made of minerals such as feldspar, mica and quartz resulting in variations of colors, speckle and veining.

Granite is a very heavy, natural stone and needs to be supported by sturdy cabinetry or a subsurface. In the design phase for granite, clients should consider a space or surface that can withstand the heaviness of this stone for decades to come. Granite is, without a doubt, one of the most common stones among new construction and remodeling projects, commercial and residential. Granite is one of the most durable stone materials that is highly resistant to heat, scratches and staining.


In the planning for your granite design, there is not much needed to be considered. Our design consultants are well versed in this stone and will work to optimize your granite design. This stone is ideal to add to your kitchen design, bathroom custom countertops, stone shower surrounds, retail, and office spaces. One thing to remember is that granite is porous. But it can be easily cleaned and maintained with little susceptibility to staining, etching or chipping. If ever needed, it can be repaired by Granite and Marble Designs’ team of professionals.


In the fabrication phase, we will add a textured finish to your stone slab, giving you the ability to choose from leathered, polished or honed. We offer a variety of edge patterns to choose from such as rounded, ogee, eased, or a mitered waterfall edge. These simple touches contribute to the overall result of your granite design. To see more edge profile options, please browse our Edge Profiles page.

Strengths Granite Design 

Granite has been a leading stone choice for years, and we do not see it stopping anytime soon! Instead, granite trends continue to grow and bring many of our clients utter admiration in its durability and natural beauty. Darker colored granite is becoming less common as many customers prefer the brightness that white tones have to offer. Lighter and neutral colored granite seems to be integrated more and more to complement things such as cabinetry, furnishings and décor. The array of colors that granite comes in ranges from dark to light, which can offer bold or neutral contrast. Our design consultants have years of experience in granite design and can offer granite choices to consider, depending on your preferences and décor style.

Why Make Granite and Marble Designs Your Granite Design Consultant

Granite and Marble Designs have become experts in granite design as it has become a top-selling stone material in the industry. Our team of experienced professionals paired with our high-end machinery have what it takes to handle this tough stone to ensure a seamless application. Granite can be used for nearly anywhere or any space. Our design consultants are here to provide expert advice in your granite design and bring your vision to life.

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