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Check Out Our Newest Stone Slabs!

We know how hard it is to keep up with our customers’ tastes and demands in the ever-changing world of design. Granite and Marble Designs is always sourcing the newest stone slabs to go with your client’s next project. Whether commercial or residential, kitchen or fireplace, we have the right stone slab. Here’s an exclusive look at our latest full size slabs in stock.

Copacabana – Granite

Copacabana takes granite to a whole new dimension. Also called the Black Horse granite, this stone proves to be truly unique and strays from the common granite speckled look – with layers of white, beige and black veining throughout. This would truly transform a kitchen into an elegant and rich design any client would fall in love with. It matches perfectly with light or dark countertops, depending on the contrast you are aiming to achieve. Aside from countertops, it can be an option for wall or floor applications.

Our fabricators and installers are masters in architecting slabs to create perfect placement with flowing veins and disguised seams. If your client is looking for a granite that stands out, Copacabana is a great option to consider.


Check Out the Newest Stone Slabs at Granite Marble Designs!

Copacabana granite stone slab

We currently have one polished 123x80ft slab (top left) and one leathered 123x80ft slab (centered just above) ready to be installed!

Carrara Natura – Quartz

Let’s start off by saying you can’t go wrong with Carrara Natura. Simple yet bold, this stone will make a statement and complement any design. From the naked eye, it is a clean and all white stone. With a closer look, it is white stone with extremely faint gray veining and minerals that are unique to each slab.

We know the desire and heightening demand for all-white kitchens, bathrooms and powder rooms. But what makes this stone the best choice for these areas isthat it’s quartz! This means it is an engineered stone, so it is nonporous and repels liquids and bacteria. Quartz is highly desirable in high traffic areas and very easy to maintain. Granite and Marble Designs has the skills to install this pristine stone in its pristine condition – with straight edges, undetectable seams and an overall natural look your client will love.


Carrara Natura quartz slab

Carrara Natura quartz slab

This stone is currently available in a 137x78ft slab and can be finished with one of our textures such as honed or polished.

Delicatus Ice – Granite

Delicatus Ice offers beauty, durability and low maintenance. It is a granite with rich contrasting white, black, brown, taupe and gray tones which makes it suitable for any cabinetry or accent colors. Similar to most granite, it is composed of many different minerals that can create speckle and veining. But contrary to some granites, this is quarried from Brazil and possesses many unique qualities you can’t find in other stones.

This is perfect for kitchen or fireplace surrounds due to its inherent heat and stain resistance. Any client would be pleased with the uniqueness and irresistibility of this stone.

Granite and Marble Designs is ready and qualified to take this one-of-a-kind natural stone and customize it to fit your next project.


Delicatus Ice granite slab

Delicatus Ice granite slab

Delicatus Ice is available in a 125x75ft slab and can be given a textured finish of your choosing, for a truly customized design.

We aim to achieve perfection. From conception to completion, we work hand in hand with our suppliers, contractors and designers to serve as your stone fabricator and installer.

Contact us or give us a call at 303-551-6000 to reserve your stone slab or browse our warehouse.