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Countertop Demolition

We Can Do That!

If you have existing kitchen or bathroom countertops that need to be removed, we can do that! Our team will tear out any granite, tile, Formica, or whatever it may be for home remodeling projects! People often assume demolition can be done by anyone, but it actually can be dangerous, time-consuming and strenuous.

Demolition should never be reckless. Taking safety precautions and careful judgment will make for a successful demolition, especially if our clients want to save their existing countertops and cabinetry.

Demolition does not just start and end with tearing out countertops or vanities. We also remove backsplashes, shower tile surrounds and tub decks. However, we do not remove fixtures such as bathtubs or appliances. We ask our clients to make prior arrangements for these to be displaced from the project site before beginning demolition. For projects other than countertops and shower applications, such as fireplace surrounds, we do not remove.

Immediately following your demolition, the installation for your stone will take place.

Preparing For Your Demolition

What We Need From You

We ask that in order to best prepare for your demolition, the area be cleared of any obstructions and temporarily removed from the worksite. Items such as appliances or fixtures should be removed at the discretion of yourself and our team. We ask that you clear off any countertops, walk-ways and remove appliances and drawers to avoid damaging anything susceptible.

Plumbing and Electric

If your project requires any plumbing or water disconnection, you will be required to have a plumber on-site. An electrician is not often needed, but in some cases can be needed for certain job sites. Granite and Marble Designs will first evaluate and assess your project in order to give appropriate directions on what is needed from the client, during or prior to starting demolition.

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How Does Demolition Look for Commercial Projects?

Commercial projects typically have general contractors and builders who are in charge of any demolition. Granite and Marble Designs’ team will work with them to prepare for your stone fabrication and installation.

Average Demolition Time

Demolition is typically a quick process. The approximate time for demolition is between one and four hours, depending on the scope and size of your project. We will work with our clients to schedule a time that works with their schedule.

Why you Should use Granite and Marble Designs for your Demolition

In preparation for your stone design application, there are standard demolition processes that need to take place. It’s important to use a team like Granite and Marble Designs who have experienced demolitionists. Our team of professionals are vigilant and work to avoid any hazards or complications that may arise from factors such as plumbing and electric wiring. We also take into other factors to make sure the job is done safely and efficiently.

If demolition is not done the right way, you could risk damaging your cabinetry and flooring in the process. In the long run, you will be saving money and time by recruiting our team who know exactly what they are doing!

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