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Stone Slab Showers are Trending

Stone slabs are in high demand for shower wall applications. Stone shower surrounds are becoming more and more popular because of the attractiveness and practicality they bring to bathroom designs. They not only offer an upscale aesthetic, but bring significant value to your home.

Increasing the Value of Your Home

Stone is a brilliant choice for shower walls because it is durable and lasts. Full slabs used in shower designs increase your home’s value even more than when they are used for kitchen countertops.

Shower walls are one of the best ways to increase the equity in your home. Stand up showers are almost all we see these days in new builds and renovations. Creating these showers with large stone slabs creates a luxurious and irresistible space.

Out With Any Grout

Tile showers are declining in popularity. The grout and uneven surface make it difficult to keep tile clean.

Stone, in general, is easy to care for and maintain with regular upkeep. Installing these showers by using full-length slabs makes it easy to wipe the surface from any debris or bacteria.

Beauty from Natural Stone Showers

stone shower

Beauty from Natural Stone Showers

Natural stones such as granite and marble can be used in shower applications. Keep in mind that these stones will require more maintenance than engineered stones. It is necessary to seal and reseal your natural stone shower once a year using a high-end sealant. This is due to its natural porosity and susceptibility to absorbing liquids and bacteria.

Attractiveness of Engineered Stone Showers

Engineered stones such as quartz are highly sought out options for stone slab showers. Engineered stones are especially easy to keep clean. These types of slabs are a great option for wet spaces because they are non-porous and therefore more hygienic.

Granite and Marble Designs carries all of the best quartz brands:

  • Cambria
  • Caesarstone
  • HanStone
  • Pental Quartz
  • and more!

Granite and Marble Designs Can Install Your Stone Shower

We have installed many stone showers. Our team uses entire slabs for these projects in order to eliminate any seams or lines. This takes an experienced team with the equipment and ability to fabricate, transport and handle large and heavy stone slabs. We take careful measures to install stone showers to ensure a beautiful outcome to satisfy your expectations.

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