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Top Kitchen Countertop Trends for 2023

The design of your kitchen is important because it is where people spend most of their day. Creating a kitchen that is inviting and customized to your style starts with picking out the material for your countertops. Homeowners nowadays are more willing to invest in the quality of their kitchen countertops because they contribute greatly to their kitchen design and home value.

Many homeowners and designers articulate their kitchen design by starting with the cabinetry and countertops. When choosing a countertop material, you should consider the aesthetic you want without sacrificing for functionality. Stone has become a popular choice for kitchen countertops because it offers beauty, multifunctional uses, and comes in an array of options, colors and configurations.

Most Popular Stones Used for Kitchen Countertops in 2023

Stone countertops have become popular in kitchen designs because of their performance, multi-functional use and lasting durability. Granite was the first material commonly used for stone countertops, and it has paved the way for other stone materials being used for kitchen countertops and surfaces. The most popular stones being used for kitchen countertops in 2023 include:

Quartz is the Most Popular Kitchen Countertop Material

quartz kitchen countertops

Stone Kitchen Counter

Quartz leads as the number one stone material for kitchen countertops. Quartz has elevated kitchen design because it possesses qualities that natural stones don’t. It is an engineered stone and is most known for being:

  • Stain resistant
  • Nonporous
  • Bacteria resistant
  • Low maintenance

Quartz kitchen countertops are extremely desirable and have gained a reputation for their modern look. Quartz comes in just about any color and can resemble nearly any natural material such as concrete or slate. Vibrant white countertops have become popular in all-white kitchens, while deep grays and browns are trending in industrial and contemporary style kitchens. The demand for quartz kitchen countertops is expected to rise in the upcoming years.

Quartzite Countertops are Up and Coming

Quartzite is the new granite. Quartzite, like granite, is a natural stone that is growing in popularity. Quartzite kitchen countertops offer similar qualities to granite, including heat resistance and high durability. Perhaps the biggest flaw with quartzite is its susceptibility to etching. This occurs when acidic substances breach the surface, leaving behind a stain-like mark.

With proper maintenance and routine sealings, quartzite can be a great option for kitchen countertops. Quartzite comes in a wide range of colors due to various formation patterns and mineral makeup.

Granite Kitchen Countertops Never Fail

Granite continues to be one of the most sought out kitchen countertop materials. Many people are familiar with granite and its favorable qualities that make it ideal for the kitchen, including:

  • Heat resistance
  • Scratch resistance
  • Easy upkeep

Granite has proven to be one of the most reliable countertop materials. Granite countertops transformed kitchen design by combining functionality and performance with beauty. Each slab is one of a kind and as a result, colors, pattern and speckle vary slab by slab. This will enhance your ability to achieve a customized design.

Don’t Count Marble Out

Marble may not be as popular as other countertop materials, but that does not mean it shouldn’t be considered. Even though marble countertops require more maintenance and can become susceptible to staining and etching, they can be a phenomenal choice for your kitchen.

Marble countertops will instantly brighten your kitchen. Marble typically comes in beige and white tones, which makes it an ideal option for a backlit backsplash, island or countertops. With the proper care and upkeep, you won’t find yourself disappointed with your marble kitchen countertop.

Popularity of Stone Slab Backsplashes

stone kitchen backsplashes

Stone Backsplash

Today’s modern and up-to-date kitchens have traded tile backsplashes for stone backsplashes. The backsplash has always been an important feature in kitchen design because it is a focal point and highlights your kitchen countertops. Stone has elevated kitchen backsplashes because it offers an array of options and is easier to maintain than tile.

Granite, quartz and marble are currently the most popular stone materials being used for kitchen backsplashes. However, just about any stone material can be used for this feature. Your kitchen backsplash will not take on the same wear-and-tear as your countertops and does not require the same considerations.

Full Slab Backsplashes

As a part of the stone backsplash trend, full stone slab backsplashes are increasing in popularity. More and more people are choosing full slab backsplashes that start at the counter and go all the way up to the cabinets or even the ceiling. This trend instantly transforms your kitchen into a luxurious and upscale space.

We often see full slabs behind stove tops because many stones are impervious to heat. In addition, a stone backsplash can be easily wiped clean of spills and splashes because it is a continuous surface, unlike tile which has grout lines. Stone is the perfect material for your kitchen backsplash.

Stone Slabs for Kitchen Islands Are on the Rise

stone island kitchen countertops

Stone Kitchen Countertop

Modern day house flipping has set many of the latest trends for renovating and redesigning older homes. People are turning older kitchens into open-concept spaces because of the sight lines and openness it provides, especially when hosting guests. As open-concept kitchens appeal to the majority of home buyers, kitchen islands have become mainstream in home building and reconstruction.

Full stone slab kitchen islands are a growing trend in today’s kitchen designs. They make the aesthetic of your kitchen more upscale while withstanding everyday use and messes. A kitchen island made from one full slab is a superior design trend that not every kitchen has.

Using a full slab in your kitchen will instantly increase the value of your home. In addition, it eliminates the possibility of seams which can deteriorate or weaken over time.  Your stone kitchen countertop island will not only last for years to come, it will be worth the splurge.

We often see a waterfall edge as part of the growing popularity of kitchen island stone countertops. A waterfall edge is a 90-degree angle that is continuous from the countertop surface to the floor. It alludes to one full stone slab that wraps the siding of the island cabinetry or seating area. In order to achieve a waterfall edge, a fabricator must precisely cut the slab at a slant where the waterfall edge begins and puzzle it to reconnect. This will create the look of one continuous surface.

Stone holds its value and would make a beautiful addition to your kitchen island.

The “Two-Tone” Kitchen Countertop Stone Trend

Contrasting island and kitchen countertops is a trend that has continued in 2023. Using a different type of slab or even stone material for your kitchen island than the rest of your countertops can make a bold statement. This is yet another unique way of making your kitchen stand out from others.

You can mix and match just about any stone to best fit your design style and complement the overall aesthetic. Some people prefer a subtle difference by using stones in the same color spectrum, while others strive for contrast for a more vivacious space. Either way, this trend is one you should consider for your kitchen remodel.

Granite and Marble Designs Customizes Kitchen Countertops

Granite and Marble Designs can help you create the kitchen of your dreams. We fabricate and install all stone applications, and our StoneDoneRight™ Approach promises the quality of our work. We work closely with homeowners, designers and contractors to achieve the overall design of your kitchen project.

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