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Granite and Marble Designs’ inventory is always changing. We are always keeping up with the latest trends and customer demands. We offer a wide variety of stones including:

Below are a couple of the newest slabs we have in-stock and ready to be installed.

Blue Dunes Granite

White, grays and subtle hues of blue, this granite can be hard to come by. Blue Dunes Granite is unique from other granites in that it does not have the typical speckles and coloring. Some slabs have stronger or subtler hues of blue than others because each one is completely different; however, the ones with more blue tend to be pricier and rarer. The veining and patterns on this granite can appear bolder, making it contrast well with solid color cabinetry and decor. Other slabs can have more neutral color tones that work well with bright colors.

Being that this is granite, it is highly heat resistant, easy to clean and maintain, and practical for all stone applications. In addition, it can be given a finish such as honed or polished for the complete look you want.

Blue Dunes Granite

Taj Mahal Quartzite

Taj Mahal Quartzite is a fan favorite. Its name is fitting because this stone is absolutely breathtaking and makes a grand statement in any room or space. Taj Mahal is mostly ivory with a mix of white, beiges and gold. It goes well with any color scheme and would be a stunning option for a kitchen or fireplace surround. It would especially complement brass or black fixtures and furnishings.

Quartzite is a great option for any type of stone application. Many customers request a white or light colored countertop that is resilient and not susceptible to staining. Taj Mahal Quartize is just the option to go with!

If you’re looking for a timeless quartzite that lasts, we highly suggest Taj Mahal.

Taj Majal Quartzite

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