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Our Showroom Grand Opening!

Our state-of-the-art showroom grand opening is next month!

We want to bring our work to you. Our showroom is designed to display our work and show you what you can expect from us. See, feel and put our work to the test for yourself. We want your experience with Granite and Marble Designs to be as transparent as possible.

The Showroom

The showroom consists of a mock-up kitchen design with countertops, backsplash and a full stone-slab island. The countertop exhibits an undermount stone sink fabricated from the same stone as the countertop. This built-in sink design is just one of many sinks our team is able to create from your stone slab. We create cohesive countertop surfaces that are customized to your exact needs.

The island is made from a full stone slab with a mitered waterfall edge. This is a beautiful element to incorporate in your design because it is a focal point that will provide an upscale appearance to any kitchen. Our ability to perform clean edges and hide seams can be easily seen in this mock-up kitchen design.

A backlit stone feature is incorporated to show customers this new and enticing trend that many people are requesting these days. We use LED lights to backlight and illuminate translucent stones such as marble and quartzite.

Your Experience

Granite and Marble Designs showroom experienceWe want to enhance your experience by bringing our work to you. A close up look at our work will give you a glimpse of what your project will look like.

We know the stone in your new build or renovation is a long-term and costly expense that can’t be overlooked. By visiting our showroom, you will be able to see a wide range of options all in one place and have the ability to pick from hundreds of stones:

  • See all the best brands and suppliers all in one place
  • Compare stone types, colors, textures, and edge profiles
  • Experience our fabrication and installation processes
  • Tour our warehouse and remnant yard
  • Get a sneak peek before you buy

Our showroom will inspire you and give you an idea of what you want to achieve in your stone design.

Compare Stones and Brands Side by Side

Browse our expansive collection to find the stone slab that works for you. Natural stones are formed by earth and their makeup or quality can vary. Each slab is unique and can vary from one to the next in terms of visual appearance such as color, veining, speckle, minerals, and streaks. We encourage you to pick out your natural stone slab by hand and in-person, so you know exactly what you are getting. Our warehouse and remnant yard has hundreds of natural stones you can choose from.

Our showroom also allows you to compare quartz brands side by side. Quartz is an engineered stone, so each brand produces and manufactures the slabs sold by them. It is not often that all brands are carried in one place. Our showroom has each of these brands so that you can compare them for yourself. We collaborate with these brands every day and can work with them to find your stone slab.

We provide hundreds of samples of engineered stones such as quartz. Unlike natural stone, the samples of engineered stones are consistent with the actual slab because they don’t vary significantly from one slab to the next.

See Our Fabrication Process

Get a firsthand look at our talents and skills, and understand what sets us apart from everyone else. We use high tech machinery and tools during fabrication to perform clean cuts and edges. We align slabs exactly so there are no inconsistencies or visible seams.

See Our Stone Counter Installation Process

new Granite and Marble Designs showroomSeeing the stone in action will give you an idea of what our installations look like. We take precise measurements, use leveling devices and make any alterations if they are needed. We are confident that you will walk through our showroom unable to detect any flaws. We achieve perfection and satisfaction through our StoneDoneRight™ Approach.

Granite and Marble Designs will help you find exactly what stone you are looking for. Let’s create something special together.

Tour Our Warehouse

We keep a select inventory of full natural and engineered slabs on site in our warehouse. You can see slabs up close and determine the exact one you want. Every natural stone is different and no two slabs are alike. For this reason, we encourage you to pick out your stone by hand and in-person.

Browse Our Remnant Yard

Remnants are leftover pieces of stone from slabs that have been cut and used for previous projects. These pieces are completely usable and no different than the original slab, other than their size and price. We encourage you to browse through our remnants for your smaller projects because you can often find expensive and quality stone at a discount.

After browsing through our stone samples, displays, warehouse, and remnant yard, we are confident you will find a stone that meets your expectations. If the exact slab is not in-stock, we will reach out to one of our partners and have it ordered for you. We work with many reputable suppliers who will be happy to help us find a slab that fits your design. Once we have your stone slab, our team of experts will have it fabricated and installed seamlessly.

Schedule a Tour to View Our Showroom

If you would like to come and see our showroom, we invite you to schedule an appointment with us. One of our associates will be happy to walk you through our showroom and give you a tour of our warehouse and remnant yard. We will answer any questions you may have in terms of function, performance, design, fabrication, and installation.


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