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Beauty of Backlit Stone

Backlit stone countertops are unlike any other. They will have you and your guests in awe of their beauty and uniqueness. It is something that many people have not seen before, but fall in love with right away.

Backlit stone offers a sense of elegance and richness. It’s important to choose a white or translucent stone in order for the stone to illuminate. It is done by placing LED lights beneath the surface.

Almost any stone application can be backlit including:

Featured Project – Backlit Lumextra Quartzite

backlit stone countertop

This featured project was done by Granite and Marble Designs’ team of custom stone craftsmen. In this project, we designed, fabricated and installed backlit stone countertops along with a matching backsplash and four-sided island.

The customer envisioned a backlit stone that gives off a serene feel. They chose a beautiful white quartzite called Lumextra, with glimmers of iridescent minerals and veining that help to illuminate the stone when it lights up. The quartzite is slightly translucent, which helps give the full effect.

Granite and Marble Designs Has Done Many Backlit Stone Projects

Having your stone backlit by a team of professionals is necessary. We have done several backlit projects and know the ins and outs for doing it right.

Granite and Marble Designs is the best choice for crafting backlit stone applications in Denver. Our StoneDoneRight™ Approach promises that every project is given above and beyond precision to achieve our number one priority of customer satisfaction.

Request a quote or call (303) 551 6000 to schedule an appointment with a designer to pick out the stone for your backlit project.



Backlit Countertops and Project FAQ’s


What countertops can be backlit?

Stone countertops and applications that can be backlit do not depend on the type of stone, but instead on whether the stone possesses certain properties that make it a candidate for backlighting. These unique properties a stone must have for backlighting include:

  • Translucency: Some stones are more translucent, which allows for light to easily pass through. The more transparent the mineral make-up is in the slab, the more light that transmits through the stone.
  • Thickness: Depending on the thickness of the stone or slab, it may make it easier or more difficult to illuminate. Thinner stone slabs are often used for backlighting because of the intense lighting required with thicker slabs.
  • Color and Pattern: The mineral, veining and grain composition affect how great the light source can illuminate through the stone. Lighter colored and more translucent stones are better for backlighting.
  • Fabrication: Fabrication techniques can influence how well your backlit project turns out. Quality-control such as measuring thickness across the slab and surface polishing are critical to achieve the desired look.


What countertop material can be backlit?

In general, stones that are best used for backlighting include:

  • Onyx
  • Marble
  • Certain varieties of granites, quartzes, quartzites


What is the best stone for backlighting?

The best type of stone to be backlit is lighter and more translucent stone with minimal graining and veining.


Are backlit countertops expensive?

Generally, backlit countertops end up being more expensive than traditional countertops because of the additional cost associated with achieving the backlight effect. The costs of the lights themselves, installation, complexity of the lighting system or electrical, can all play a role in the end cost. The countertops themselves, however, are not any more or less expensive with or without being backlit. 


Can you backlight granite?

Yes, granite can be backlit if it has certain properties that allow for light to transmit through the slab. However, not all natural stones, especially granite, have the qualities that qualify it to be backlit. The granite slab must be considered translucent.


Can all quartz be backlit?

Quartz is an engineered stone that is generally more dense and more difficult for light to pass through. However, there are certain quartz designs that can be backlit and look beautiful when illuminated. Cambria (https://www.cambriausa.com/backlight/#!/) offers beautiful quartz slabs that can be backlit such as, Ella, Skara Brae, Brittanicca Warm and more.


Can all quartzite be backlit?

No, not all quartzite can be backlit. Not all quartzite slabs have the qualities and properties that allow for light to illuminate through the stone. Certain quartzites, such as Patagonia Quartzite, have the special properties that make it perfect for backlighting.


What is the best way to backlight onyx?

Backlighting stone is generally the same for all stones. It is achieved by placing a panel of LED lights underneath the stone. Onyx is the perfect stone for backlighting because it often has translucent traits. The light easily highlights the unique patterns in an onyx slab.

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