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Beauty of Backlit Stone

Backlit stone countertops are unlike any other. They will have you and your guests in awe of their beauty and uniqueness. It is something that many people have not seen before, but fall in love with right away.

Backlit stone offers a sense of elegance and richness. It’s important to choose a white or translucent stone in order for the stone to illuminate. It is done by placing LED lights beneath the surface.

Almost any stone application can be backlit including:

Featured Project – Backlit Lumextra Quartzite

backlit stone countertop

This featured project was done by Granite and Marble Designs’ team of custom stone craftsmen. In this project, we designed, fabricated and installed backlit stone countertops along with a matching backsplash and four-sided island.

The customer envisioned a backlit stone that gives off a serene feel. They chose a beautiful white quartzite called Lumextra, with glimmers of iridescent minerals and veining that help to illuminate the stone when it lights up. The quartzite is slightly translucent, which helps give the full effect.

Granite and Marble Designs Has Done Many Backlit Stone Projects

Having your stone backlit by a team of professionals is necessary. We have done several backlit projects and know the ins and outs for doing it right.

Granite and Marble Designs is the best choice for crafting backlit stone applications in Denver. Our StoneDoneRight™ Approach promises that every project is given above and beyond precision to achieve our number one priority of customer satisfaction.

Request a quote or call (303) 551 6000 to schedule an appointment with a designer to pick out the stone for your backlit project.

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